Fire Protection & Fire Protection Concepts in Germany

“Responsibility is based on safety; safety requires competence.”

An investment in fire protection is an investment in the future.
In the beginning, there was fire, which provided mankind with the initial spark for cultural development, but was also always a source of potential danger. Because fire can quickly become an uncontrollable threat.

Almost 1,000 people die annually due to fire and smoke gases.
Fire eagerly blazes its own path. Poisonous smoke gases are quickly created, spread uncontrollably, and become a deadly threat, and quickly spread to all rooms through any opening, no matter how small. A fate that costs nearly 1,000 people their lives in Germany each year, and injures more than 10,000 people, sometimes seriously.
In addition, this results in property damage in the amount of approximately 2.5 billion EUR and subsequent damages of around 25 billon EUR.

Those who neglect fire protection, might block the emergency exit.
Optimum fire protection begins during the planning of a building. As a recognized, dependable partner of the building services sector, the building industry, and approval authorities, Armbrust-WKSB offers fire protection solutions for all requirements and fire resistance classes of 30 - 120 minutes. Flexibly tailored to your desires, implemented quickly and in a timely fashion, and in compliance with the strictest quality requirements.

Whether you want complete fire protection concepts including escape and emergency systems or need detailed solutions for a construction plan, we provide excellent fire protection solutions in close cooperation with planners, building operators, approval authorities, and construction companies.

“Our top priority is to save human lives”

Expansion of our foci
Expert and specialized planner for building fire protection

We offer you tailor-made fire protection concepts to prevent damage.

In Germany, several million Euros of damage are caused by fire daily. More important are the irreplaceable losses of life and health of the people involved. A multitude of laws, ordinances, and provisions that relate to preventive fire protection measures were created out of concern for the safety of people, preservation of property, and protection of companies and workplaces.

A detailed and comprehensive fire protection concept helps to minimize damage and limits existential threat in case of an event.

The goal is to prevent a fire from starting with preventive fire protection measures and to limit the spread of fire and smoke by:

  • early detection of fires during the initial phase
  • rapid information and targeted alerting
  • automatic triggering of fire protection or factory systems.

An effective fire protection concept for buildings and properties consists of preventive fire protection.


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