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Sound Insulation

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Sound insulation in interior construction:
The effect of noise on the health of human beings is hardly a recent discovery. From the Chinese we know that they administered the death penalty for certain crimes by exposing the condemned to the noise of drums, fifes, and flutes until they fell to the ground dead before the Common Era.

Necessity of sound insulation:
Modern man can no longer escape many sources of noise. Just think of the traffic noise in the street and in the air, the machine noise in factories and offices. Not even at home is one spared from noise.

Noise control:
Knowledge of the most important regulations for preventing noise propagation is essential for architects and builders as well as for business people. Noise insulation in buildings is very important for the health and wellbeing of people.
Noise insulation is particularly important in apartments, schools, hospitals, hotels, as well as office and administrative buildings.


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